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Dream body splash that every woman is excited to have
Discover the dream body splash that every woman is excited to have Each fragrance is designed to express your personality and to take you to wonderful universes you never imagined before. Experience the finest exotic flowers, the rarest fruits extracts, and immerse into daring, feminine, sensual, and luxurious feelings
The Private Collection
The Oriental Collection
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The Private Collection

Explore the Private Collection and dive into a world of joy and seduction. The Private Collection: is six unique fragrances designed carefully for you to experience the ultimate freshness and indulgence feelings every day. Multilayered scents that will veil your body with the most magical and memorable trails Happy, Playful, Sensual, Majestic, Fresh, Feminine, and many other joyful feelings will compose your day with every single drop of our iconic Body Splash Fragrances.
Feel feminine every day! Tender Alluring Vitalizing Be Fabulous Every Moment Every Day!

Pink Secret

Pink Secret is the Riviera gardens early morning dew scent. A combination of pink flowers with layers of rare musk.
This tender body splash will add alluring feminine touch to your day that will take you to dreamy universes you have never felt before.

Fragrance composition

Top: citrus, orange, bergamot, orange blossom
Heart: pink Jasmine, Rose, ylang ylang
Base: wood, patchouli, tonka, musk
Feel glowing every day! Majestic Natural Glowing Be Fabulous Every Moment Every Day!

Purple Romance

Enrich your day with thousands purple flowers fields scent. And add to your charm an irresistible glamour that will enchant everyone around you.
Purple Romance body splash is the composition of the rarest delightful tropical fruits and the first harvest of the romantic lotus flower.

Fragrance composition

Top: mandarin, orange, blackberry
Heart: Lotus, Peony, Jasmine Sambac, Magnolia
Base: Ambergris, White Musk, Sandalwoo
Feel charming every day! Daring Charming Sensual Be Fabulous Every Moment Every Day!

Deep Charm

From the rockiest French Alps mountains, Deep Charm fragrance hides for you the wildest Lilac nectar and the sensual Mimosa flower to hallo you with a daring presence that cannot be ignored.
This charming body splash will leave sensual traces wherever you go.

Fragrance composition

Top: Strawberry, raspberry, pear, bergamot, orange
Heart: Lilac, Memosa, orange blossom, peony, Datura
Base: Cedar, patchouli, musk, vanilla, moss
Feel Unique every day! Fresh Active Unique Be Fabulous Every Moment Every Day!

Italian Amour

Italian Amour is blend of the sweetest Italian breezes. Composed from Verona’s tender Lilies, this fragrance will veil your body with the confidence and freshness that you always longed to find.
This unique body splash will be your everyday freshness friend.

Fragrance composition

Top: apple, melon, bergamot
Heart: Lily, freesia, Osmanthus
Base: sandalwood, musk, vanilla
Feel Passionate every day! Powerful Passionate Playful Be Fabulous Every Moment Every Day!

Red Velvet

Red Velvet is the fragrance of hypnotic mystery. This body splash is a unique blend that combines the passion of the red fruits and the rarest roses that has been selected for you, petal by petal.
This powerful body splash will add playfulness to your day and joy to your mood.

Fragrance composition

Top: Raspberry, Berry, Strawberry
Heart: Rose, Orange Flower, MimosaB
Base: Sandalwood, Musk
Feel Luxurious every day! Oriental Luxurious Unmistakable Be Fabulous Every Moment Every Day!

Midnight Kiss

Midnight Kiss is an oriental fragrance that hides between its layers the preciousness of the Magnolia and the luxury of the Vanilla drops that will envelope your body with a signature of unmistakable royalty and elegance.
This body splash will express dominant presence throughout your day.

Fragrance composition

Top: Papaya, Raspberry, Bergamot
Heart: Magnolia Orange Flower, Rose
Base: Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood
Discover the Collection

The Oriental Collection

Explore the Oriental Collection; explore the mystery and the royalty of the East The Oriental Collection: is three unique fragrances inspired by the perfume jewels of the East. Musk, Amber and oriental special blend will linger on your skin with a romantic allure. Never pass unnoticed with these multilayered scents that will veil your body with long-lasting enriching trails. Majestic, feminine, precious, unique, seductive and many other feelings will compose your day with every single drop of the iconic Oriental Body Splash Collection.
Feel Enigmatic every day! Enigmatic Seductive Elegant Be Fabulous Every Moment Every Day!

Muskovan Original

Envelope your body with the hypnotizing powdery feeling of Muskovan Experience the individuality and the optimum elegance of the rarest musk artistically composed for you. This outstanding body splash will tingle your senses with the layers of oriental musk blended carefully with the finest lotus extract and Madagascar vanilla

Fragrance composition

Top: Taif rose, lotus flower extract
Heart: Vanilla flower, honey and Jasmine
Base: Musk and sandalwood.
Feel Beautiful every day! Beautiful Dreamy Happy Be Fabulous Every Moment Every Day!


Leila is gourmand yet elegant body splash. Discover the happiest expression of beauty and freedom. Fragrance that will continue to bring richness and indulgence to your day
Enjoy the finest vanilla, Iris flower and carefully layered almond essence along with the beautiful patchily for happy and mesmerizing feeling.

Fragrance composition

Top: Vanilla, orange blossom
Heart: Iris, almond, patchily
Base: musk, woods, praline
Feel Unique every day! Mysterious Extravagant Unique Be Fabulous Every Moment Every Day!

Ambrosia Original

Indulge Ambrosia the elixir of the Greek goddess. Experience the delicate nectar of delighted senses , and feel the mystery and the extravagance of the softest flowers.
This alluring body splash will leave opulent embrace and diluted romance on your day, thanks to the cascade of pink and white flowers composed carefully for you along with the precious liquor amber

Fragrance composition

Top: Shredded coconut, mandarin
Heart: Madagascar vanilla, patchouli
Base: Liquor amber, cinnamon

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